OhioMeansJobs & K-12

OhioMeansJobs & OhioMeansJobs K-12

Ohio Means Jobs is an online job matching system that brings together employers and job seekers. Ohio Means Jobs centers assist job seekers, employers, and youth with job search assistance, employee recruitment, job training, and more.

Ohio Means Jobs K-12 is Ohio’s no-cost, career planning system that offers comprehensive, career exploration tools, online training and resources specifically for students, teachers and school counselors. Ohio Means Jobs allows students to learn more about their career interests and in-demand jobs, build resumes, search for college and training programs, create a budget based on future expenses, and develop meaningful academic and career plans for high school and beyond.

The Ohio Means Jobs site has a regional search feature that enables the user to find in-demand occupations, job posting trends, and resources for learning about career planning and job searching.Through this comprehensive online system, students can register, create resumes, search jobs, plan, find funding, and explore college and career options. Students can locate job fairs and workshops, search occupations, find Ohio-based employment programs and scholarships, and practice interviewing for a job.

This page was updated September 29, 2017