Independent Living Assessments (Links Only)

Independent Living Assessment Links

The following is a list of Independent Living Assessment Links. Viewers can easily locate an assessment by name. A page is also available titled Independent Living Assessments that details all of these assessments and offers source information.

Note: PDF files below can be accessed with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software.


The Community Transition Program

Download the Community Transition Program: Experiences Starting a Community-Based Program for Students Ages 18 through 21 (PDF)  (the resources below are found on the pages indicated below)

  • Community Transition Objectives, pages 41 to 46;
  • C-Tran Functional Analysis of Behavior, pages 75-83;
  • A Day in the Life at C-Tran: A Test of One’s Abilities to Problem Solve, page 33;
  • Important Prerequisites for Independent Community Involvement, page 41.

This page was updated October 27, 2017